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Currently being lead by Andrew and MaryNissi Lemon. Common Grounds Philly is also currently lead by a Guidance Team of men and women that will over time grow into a leadership/elder team.

Our leadership is shared-leadership in nature, comprising of a team of leaders who would function together within their giftings. We believe in the value of community and to empower everyone to do the work of the ministry. We hope to represent a healthy picture of shared leadership, mutual submission and

healthy community among a shared leadership team.


Our initial years will consist of no paid staff or leaders. As time goes on we may have paid leaders or staff at times, but they will never be more that part-time (20-25 hours a week) paid leaders. We believe this to encourage and hold us to a shared leadership, mutual submission and modeling healthy community.

Andrew and MaryNissi Lemon bring their experience of creating spaces for people to belong and gather, caring and loving for people, and holistic discipleship in the ways of Jesus. With experience working on staff at a church, creating a community café space, years of social work experience and involvement in different expressions of church and engagement.

They have been married for over 12 years and have 2 children. Andrew is a life long resident of Philadelphia and MaryNissi was born and raise in Malawi, but now calls Philadelphia home.